Playing Barbwires Radio

Barbwires streams live feed only, thus we do not support apps or organizations which buffer and serve as concentrators of collectors of stations possibly generating revenue from ad & ad streams interrupting listeners.

For the process of setting up your device to listen to our station, we are very willing to help. We appreciate your finding Barbwires and taking the time to look into how to make sure you her the best content available.

Okay, let's get started. It makes sense that you clicked one of the LIVE STREAM feeds at the top of our landng web page, and did not hear music. Presuming this is the case, we can divide the problem into two categories and the first is the easiest.
1. The LINK is clicked and you hear the station greeting, and then nothing or possibly slight crackling or sputtering of noise. This is because the browser slected does not support the higher resolution. We recommend you use one of the web players that support most browsers. Another form of this can occur when you click and the download goes on forever - cancel the download, you do not have a plug-in or player to intercept the strea type installed, and again we recommend selecting a web player to listen to Barbwires Radio.

2. After clicking the link, you hear music, but it plays fast or sputters, dropping parts of the song. For any issues, such as this - we only recommend finding an APP from Apple or Google, and it must support the addition of custom or 'specified' URL-based stations. One of the oldest & most successful, not only at high quality sound and function & buffering spans both Apple & Google. That APP also has a "search", as many do, function - BUT - NONE of the FOUND sources will PLAY, they do not know how to handle the live stream & they want you to stay, for the most part connected to their servers to show ADs and collect revenue.
That brings us to an app like XiiaLive, which can fnd the SHOUTcast stations, but as stated, THEY WILL NOT PLAY.

To allow the APP to play the higher quality streams, such as NYC & Tokyo Metallic, you must use the APP's ADD function, usually in the FAVORITES section, click the + sign to ADD and then provide the URL, and it must be exact.
The only two Metallic Feeds we are making PUBLIC are NYC & Tokyo.
Cut and paste one of the two or both into slots using these URLS:

We have given you a little space around the URLS for cut & paste.

Thanks & happy listening! #TurnItUpLoud

To report issues or abuse please email us, thank you! eMAIL